How to get the most out of the St Mary's Hub.

Welcome to our new communication and collaboration centre.  We've built the Hub to be as simple and intuitive as possible, but everybody gets stuck or confused sometimes, and this page is designed to help you when that happens.

What is the Hub?
The Hub is a safe and private space online where St Mary's staff and students can create and share their work, organise their online communication and collaborate with friends, classmates, colleagues, students and other people.

Safe use of the internet is an essential skill for all of us, and the Hub allows students at St Mary's to become expert in the use of 21st-century tools in a safe way.  Many of the tools we use are based around Google Apps for Education, a secure online environment used by more than 20 million students and educators around the world, including many of the most prestigious.

All users of the Hub have a username and password which is private to them and should stay private.

How can I find it?
You can find the Hub and all the tools it contains by typing into the address bar of your browser - the place where you might normally type or  Since this will be somewhere you'll visit often, it makes sense to bookmark it or, even better, add it as one of the start pages that loads automatically when the browser is fired up: the precise instructions for doing this will depend on which browser you are using.

What tools does it include?
To start with, the platform includes email, calendar, document and site-building tools, as well as links to the school blogs and other  and maybe a few more.  Hover over the icon to see the name of that tool if you're not sure what it does.